We would like to believe that the IJF had some purpose other than self
aggrandizement in their recent decision to require that blue judogi be worn
to international tournaments. We certainly don't believe that in any
way they were bowing to the desires of judogi manufacturers.

However, as we reserve our approval, we offer our list of the Top Ten
Reasons why blue judogi may be a mixed blessing. (We built momentum,
which is why we have more than ten. We can count.)

Top Ten Reasons why white judogi are better than blue judogi
  1. White is for judogi, blue is for Smurfs.
  2. White is for judogi, blue is for jeans.
  3. White is for judogi, blue is for the sky.
  4. White is for judogi, blue is for the birds.
  5. White is for judogi, blue is for a new M&M.
  6. White is for Kano (or Yamashita), blue is for Elvis.
  7. White is for hygiene, blue is for garbage bags.
  8. Blue judogi make yellow bellies turn green.
  9. Black belts stand out better against a white background.
  10. If you practice in a blue judogi, sensei will choke you.
  11. Blood looks better on a white judogi.
  12. The idea of judo is not to be a fashion plate.
  13. Students shouldn't need to color coordinate to practice.
  14. Blue judogi might clash with mats.
  15. If spectators can't understand judo, blue judogi won't help.
  16. Practitioners lift enough weight without carrying two judogi to tournaments.
  17. No need to separate all white judogi prior to laundering.
  18. Blue judogi make you a legend in your own mind.
  19. White judogi look better under a black light.
  20. Traditional chef beats Iron Chef.
  21. Blue judogi are unfair to the colorblind.
  22. White judogi provide more contrast when you choke uke blue.
  23. Will we now have pink judogi for women?
  24. If a referee cannot see what's going on, blue judogi won't help.
  25. If you break a good tradition, you can never get it back.